Land and Environment Court of NSW


The different types of cases dealt with by the Land and Environment Court are case managed at direction hearings.  The Practice Notes for the different types of cases state the case management directions the C​ourt will usually make to prepare the case for a final hearing or some other means of resolving the dispute, such as conciliation or mediation. These are provided as a statement of the usual directions. These statements are reproduced below for parties to complete and provide to the Court at the directions hearing.

Parties may delete or amend the directions stated, change the time specified for a direction, or propose alternative directions, if they have a reasonable basis for considering that the amended or alternative directions will better facilitate the just, quick and cheap resolution of the proceedings.

The usual directions provided in the Practice Notes are as follows.


Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Aboriginal Land Claim
Compensation Claims
Valuation Objections

Class 4


Last updated:

20 May 2024

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