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In this section you will find links to forms used in the Land and Environment Court. 

Commencing a case

To commence a case you will need to use one of the application forms listed below. The application form that you will need to use will depend on the class and type of case you are commencing, for example, if your dispute is about a hedge you would use the 'Tree Dispute Application' as well as the Tree Dispute Claim Details (High Hedges) form. The basis on which a court form can be used in proceedings in the Land and Environment Court is found in the Chief Judge's Approval of Forms (PDF, 125.1 KB),  which is made pursuant to s 77A(1) of the Land and Environment Court Act 1979.

Detailed information on how to start a case, including the right form to use, see Types of cases.​​

Main Types of claim

The main types of claim to be used in the commencement of cases at the Land and Environment Court are listed in Schedule 2 of the Approval of Forms (PDF, 125.1 KB) document dated 23 January 2019.

Application forms

Listed below are links to the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules website (view Approval of Forms including Schedule 2 for main types of claims) for use​.

Form A
Form B
Form 84
Form C
Form G
Form H
Form 3A
Form 3B
Form 4A
Form 4B
Form 85
Form 84
Form 3A
Form 3B
Form 4A
Form 4B

Other court forms

Other commonly used forms that might be required once the case has commenced can be found below. 

The full list of civil forms is published on the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules website.

Form 40
Form 41
Form 6A
Form 6B
Form 33
Form 20 
Form 19 
Form 24
Form 26A
Form 25 
Form 27A
Form 43
Form A 

Administrative forms

In the administrative forms section you will find forms required by the court for administrative purposes such as fee waivers or applications for video links.

Please contact the registry to make a cardholder not present transaction where documents are not filed on Online Registry.

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13 Oct 2023

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