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Strata scheme development

A strata scheme is what is depicted in a strata plan. The strata plan is a subdivision of a parcel of land into separate lots of cubic space and other areas which form common property.​

If there is a proposal for development of the strata scheme, certain cases concerning that development can be brought to the Land and Environment Court.

They include cases regarding:

  • Strata certificates
  • Terminating or extending a strata development scheme
  • Amending a strata development contract
  • Proposals to redevelop or have a collective sale under a strata renewal scheme.

More Information

​If you want information about how to start such a case, please refer to the information on the website on how to commence and carry on Class 2 and 3 Strata Scheme Development proceedings.

If you are a person who does not want your strata scheme to be redeveloped or sold, and you have been provided with court paperwork that is seeking the Court's approval for such a redevelopment or sale, have a look at the Court's website on what to do if you have been provided with a Class 3 Application for approval of a strata renewal plan​ (s 179 Proceeding)​.

Strata scheme development
Strata scheme development
Last updated:

08 May 2023

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