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The NSW Online Registry Website enables people who are ​involved in court proceedings to perform a number of tasks online. 

These tasks fall within two different areas of the NSW Online Registry, as follows:

With​ Online Registry secure services, users can:

  • lodge documents online
  • use the internet to check the record of activity in your matters
  • access any documents that were filed on line, and
  • electronically access the court’s electronic record of your matter any time of the day or night.​

Using the Online Court facility, users can also:

  • obtain hearing dates, dates for conciliation conferences and adjournments; or
  • make requests for other orders to be made.

Getting Started

To start, you need to register for the NSW Online Registry. To register, you need to specify your role.

For Solicitors

When you register you need to specify if:

  • You are a solicitor on the record; or
  • If you access matters on behalf ​of a solicitor on the record.

If you are both a solicitor on the record, and also access matters on behalf of a solicitor on the record, you will need to register twice.

If you are representing yourself

Once you register, you will not be able to add your case to your registration until you are able to verify the case with a barcode. To obtain a barcode number, call the registry on 9113 8200 and ask for them to send you a Notice of Listing. If you included your email address on documents that you've filed with the Court, the Notice of Listing can be emailed to you. If you haven't, it will be posted to you.​

On the Notice of Listing, the barcode is on the right and can be used to access the case in Online Registry.

User Guides

For assistance with the registration process, please refer to the following:

​​​Managing Access

​The solicitor on the record has automatic access in the Online Registry to the cases for which they are the solicitor on the record.

For another solicitor to gain access to the case on behalf of the solicitor on the record, the solicitor on the record must access their own profile in the Online Registry and add the solicitor who needs access as a delegate.

The solicitor can only be added as a delegate if they have set up their registration as a 'delegate' registration.

You might also consider setting up an eOrganisation to manage your work on the Online Registry.

For more information about sharing and managing work, please refer to the following:

​​​Managing notifications

There are no automatic notifications sent by Online Registry on the filing of documents, or when orders are made.

Notifications concerning Online Court requests, and correspondence to parties through JusticeLink (including notification of orders made), is sent only to the solicitor on the record. This has presented difficulties for some practitioners, who seek to have notifications sent to delegates. Unfortunately limitations on the user model of the system prevent this from occurring at present.

In order to manage notifications​​, one of the following actions is recommended:

  • ​The email inbox for the solicitor on the record be set up with rules that create an automatic 'bounce' to a particular group of solicitors when an email is sent from a particular address. The addresses used by JusticeLink and Online Court are: 
  • In the Online Registry profile of the solicitor on the record, a generic email address be used in lieu of the email address of the partner. That generic email address can then either:
    • Automatically bounce all emails to a group of solicitors;
    • Be managed by a secretary or other person who can forward the email to the relevant delegate; or
    • Be accessed through a mailbox that is accessible by every solicitor in a particular group to check and moderate.

All current files as at 23 May 2016 have been moved from the legacy eCourt system to the NSW Online Registry. 

Last updated:

09 Aug 2020

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