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Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic the registrars have been case managing each matter through superlists to determine how that listing would be conducted. This has been done because the matters were listed before the Covid-19 Pandemic Arrangements Policy (PDF , 156.8 KB) came into effect. Matters that have been listed after the Policy came into effect, which includes all matters listed from 1 January 2021, have been listed in accordance with the arrangements in the Policy, including determining the mode in which the matter will be conducted. In these circumstances,  there is no longer a need to case manage each matter so listed to determine how the listing should be conducted. As a consequence, the registrars will not continue to conduct the superlists. The type of listing and the mode by which it will be conducted will be determined in the normal course of the registrar’s daily call over list.

Last updated:

30 Nov 2020

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