Land and Environment Court of NSW

Ending the COVID-19 Pandemic Arrangements Policy for the Land and Environment Court of NSW

The Chief Judge announces that the Land and Environment Court’s COVID-19 Pandemic Arrangements Policy will be revoked on 28 November 2022.

From 28 November 2022, the registrar lists on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays each week will be conducted in person, with Mondays list conducted by AVL.  The Friday List Judge and LVC list will also be conducted in person. 

If a party wishes to appear otherwise than in person, the party may apply to registrar by online court or otherwise to appear by a different mode, such as by AVL or telephone. Such applications should be made no later than 12PM the day before the attendance.

If a different mode of appearance is approved, the matter will be listed at a separate time from the rest of the list.

All other listings such as conciliation conferences, mediations and hearings will be conducted at the place and by the mode ordered when the matter was listed or as otherwise directed by the court.

The Court takes this opportunity to thank the legal profession, litigants and the public for their compliance with the Court’s COVID-19 Pandemic Arrangements Policy. 

Last updated:

18 Nov 2022

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